“Tania Naranjo sjunger Boye, Kahlo och Södergran känslosamt och vackert”

“Slutpunkten är också en höjdpunkt. Boyes fantastiska “Stjärnorna”, samtidigt uppgiven och stark och extra känsligt sjungen”



Låtarna speglar känslor av ensamhet, längtan, tillhörighet, vilsenhet, kärlek, sorg. Det ligger nära att använda termen saudade”

“The songs reflects feelings loneliness, longing, belonging, loss, love, sadness. It is close to using the term saudade.

Allt är säkert och professionellt genomfört, men hela tiden med kommunikationen intakt.Bäde i sången mellan de två huvudpersonerna -vars röster matchar varandra så väl-och mellan musiker och lyssnare. Projektets namn talar sannerligen sanning.”

“Everything is performed safely and professionally, but all the time with communication intact. Both in the singing between the two main characters-whose voices match each other so well-and between musician and listener. The name of the project certainly speaks the truth.”


TRUE MUSIC PROJECT- ALBUM “Nära och rökiga vardagsbilder” – “Närmast chockartad inpå huden kommer vardagsbilderna i “Sin gilla gång”, albumets tredje spår. Sallmanders ord får plötsligt en ömsint skärpa och Naranjo har format en djupt romantisk succémelodi med subtila harmoniska skiften som verkar som uppropstecken i det lilla.”

Om True Music Project/Mattias Gejrot- Ystads Allehanda

3/9-21 at Malmö Live

TANIA NARANJO – MALMÖ SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, conductor INGAR BERGBY /(Nutida Pionjärer dubble concert) “This act was performed with such energy by the solo artists, barely giving the audience time to breathe. The commissioned work “Duel of hearts” showed how well Naranjo and Weurlander complement each other and “Utoya” managed to hit both the heart and the brain, just as it was intended.Skånska Dagbladet

DUO NARANJO-WEURLANDER- INFINITY“Naranjo’s “Soleil”…with its closing drama of pounding piano and high-piches accordion, is enjoyably dramatic..” “…it´s in moments when the fire or pathos of tango come to the surface that it gets nearest to taking flight…” SONGLINES MAGAZINE (UK)

Movie scoreThe Ape Star”/”Apstjärnan” (Tania Naranjo & Minna Weurlander) It’s not often that you hear any meaningful amount of accordion in film music, let alone hear it dominate a score. This makes Apstjärnan a true rarity. Tania Naranjo and Minna Weurlander’s score for this Swedish language Scandinavian co-production is inspired, an endless source of energy and whimsy bolstered by its novel instrumentation. Weurlander (the band master and accordionist in Philip Glass’s upcoming Circus Days and Nights world premiere in Malmö) brings a bouncing vibrancy that Naranjo balances (and amplifies) with her delicate piano work. Though the intercontinental duo (Naranjo is Chilean while Weurlander is Finnish) have released several albums together, this is their first foray into film composing, but hopefully not their last! The Film Scorer

TANIA NARANJO Latin Trio   “Every song swings in great fashion” Lira Magazine

TANIA NARANJO Latin Trio “Her very personal Latin-Jazz style swings very beautifully”

TANIA NARANJO Latin Trio “As a theater of emotions, the album presents everything that a theater could desire, there is love, intrigue, friendship, betrayal, but also drama. ” Tania’s voice is full of emotion, deep-toned…” Radnai Rudolf- Hungary

DUO NARANJO-WEURLANDER“Tania Naranjo’s composition, Spirits, seduced me with her mysterious vocals.” Piteå Tidning

TANIA NARANJOsolo “The core of the concert, however, was Tania Naranjo, who expressed her love for Violeta Parra with her history and whole being…”

“The meeting on stage with Arja Saijonmaa was of course powerful. That Tania Naranjo also played piano virtuously throughout the evening and with her dark voice sounded both magnificently passionately but also serenely restrained hardly made it worse. ”

DUO NARANJO-WEURLANDER“Naranjos composition. Andes, was very beautiful with harmonies and a mood that had a lot in common with Piazzolla’s new tango”. Sydsvenskan

TANIA NARANJO-solo “Tania Naranjo gave a highly evocative concert”TV Skierniewice- Poland  

TANIA NARANJO-solo SPD Noticias MEXICO/Interwiew by Héctor Palacio 

DUO NARANJO-WEURLANDERTania accentuates with a liberal and yet powerful playfulness.  Her vocals were also as beguiling as they were seductive.” Jönköpingsposten

DUO NARANJO-WEURLANDER  The two musicians are exquisitely skilled instrumentalists and they convey their music forward with deftness “……”alternating heavyness and sharpness and indicating certain sadness …” Orkesterjournalen

DUO NARANJO-WEURLANDER“…Rythmical attics along with melancholic melodies combine to create unique atmosphere. The piano and accordion coalesces as they were one instrument. Only in the performances of Marcel Azzolla and Lina Bosatti we have heard something as fine as this…” Accordion Institute FI

DUO NARANJO-WEURLANDER- INFINITY“…In their skilled hands the combination of piano and accordion is very fine and interesting. The piano’s impact sound and the singing of the melodious accordion contrasts each other, and  they melt together astonishingly beautifully..” Finnish Accordion Institute

DUO NARANJO-WEURLANDER…The musical dialogue between Minna and Tania is total and it is renewed in some way every time you hear it…” Woodwind News

All tracks on the new album are composed by the duo, who move easily and freely between different genres such as tango nuevo, jazz, film music and art music. Their compositions are encompassing, providing space for the duo’s powerful emotional expressions. There is an afference and a presence, which give the impression that the music is being improvised in the now. The duo creates beautiful subtle notes, as in The farewell, as well as a rhythmic knockout in the song Impro. Lira Music Magazine

TANIA NARANJO-solo  På svenska (Swedish) ARTIKEL  /LIRA MAGASIN 

TANIA NARANJO-solo “An intense feeling….Genuine playfulness and joy of singing.“- Ystad Allehanda

TANIA NARANJO-solo “With her rhythmic beautiful music and her warm charisma. Tania Naranjo sang and played herself straight into the hearts of the audience” Götene Newspaper

ORANGE TECH & LATIN ENSEMBLE “Tania Naranjo made a brilliant performance”Liberación

ORANGE TECH & LATIN ENSEMBLE: “Stram musik, disciplinerad, men suggestiv, viljestark och sugen på utbrytningar och improvisationer. En sorts ödesmättad värdighet styrde och band samman tillsammans”

med ”berättaren” Tania Naranjos sång, som fick bli omväxlande mörk dramatisk, flickaktig, teatral och rent lekfullt… Sydsvenskan

El Mercurio- Chile Article:

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