Tania Naranjo is one of Europe's most versatile concert pianists. She was born and raised in Santiago de Chile. From an early age, she developed a strong passion for classical piano and Chilean folk music.  

Naranjo’s “Soleil”…with its closing drama of pounding piano and high-piches accordion, is enjoyably dramatic..”  

 …it´s in moments when the fire or pathos of tango come to the surface that it gets nearest to taking flight…”


About concert with Malmö Symphony Orchestra 3/9-2021:

The commissioned work “Duel of hearts” showed how well Naranjo and Weurlander complement each other and “Utoya” managed to hit both the heart and the brain, just as it was intended.”


“Naranjos composition. Andes, was very beautiful with harmonies and a mood that had a lot in common with Piazzolla’s new tango”


“Every song swings in great fashion”  


Foto: Mats Bäcker

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Today she resides in Sweden, holding a successful career as a concert pianist, singer, and composer. Tania has been touring all over Scandinavia and performed in international festivals and prestigious governmental ceremonies as a solo concertist, accompanied by symphonic orchestras, and also with her own constellations. She compose scores for film, theatre, opera, dance productions -as well as music for ensembles & string quartets. In 2017, The Swedish National Radio commissioned her work “Soleil” and her latest composition “Duel of hearts” commissioned by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra was premiered in September 2021. Also, the film ”THE APE STAR” (produced by Leefilm) with premiere 2021, credits her as the music score composer and performer.

Tania’s performing catalog is diverse from classical such as Beethoven, Villa-Lobos, Ginastera, Stravinsky, Béla Bartók, Manuel de Falla, Kurt Weill, to classical contemporary, tango-nuevo, bossa-nova, and world music. Her virtuosity shines through her rhythmic and emotional but precise performative style.

Other Projects

Tania Naranjo has led experimental and cross-border collaborations like the music ensemble ”Orange Tech & Latin Ensemble” with Svante Henryson, Morgan Ågren, Robert Elovsson, Paolo Russo. She was “Artist in residence” at Circolo Scandinavo di Roma (2016) and was also the leader and producer of “Gala Violeta Parra 100 years” (2017-2018) in Sweden with guest artists Arja Saijonmaa & Patricio Wang (Quilapayún).

Back in 2011, Tania together with the Finnish concert accordionist Minna Weurlander, formed the duo Naranjo-Weurlander – one of the Scandinavian most successful crossover ensembles, performing worldwide.  www.duonaranjoweurlander.com

Her music

Upcoming solo album “Rosor” (Mars 2023) & with “True Music Project” 27/1-2023!

In Tania’s compositions and her musical expression, there is a driving rhythm along with creativity and improvisation that can be heard i.e. on her solo album “La industria del miedo “ (with poetry by her brother Pablo Salvador N.G.). Her music is inspired by jazz, Argentine tango, 20th-century modern composers, and urban Chilean music along with Andean folk music. This year she will release her new solo album “Rosor” with her own music and poetry by famous women poets from Scandinavia and Latin America.

Current concert productions:

True Music Project (Tania Naranjo, Reuben Sallmander & True Music Orchestra)

Tania Naranjo & Reuben Sallmander (duo)

Tango Delirium (Reuben Sallmander, Weurlander & Deseo, Naranjo-piano)

Weurlander, acc & Naranjo, pi with Symphony Orchestra (music by Naranjo & Weurlander)

Tania Naranjo solo (2023)

Naranjo Kvintett (2023)



  • Malmö Symphony Orchesta
  • Jönköpings Sinfonietta
  • Malmö Opera
  • Stockholm Symphony Wind Orchestra
  • Gothemburg City Theater
  • Västernorrlands Symphony Orchestra
  • Gislaved Symphony Orchestra
  • LEE Film
  • Swedish National Radio
  • Filmcentrum Syd
  • Amanda String Quartet/SWE
  • Bertmark Förlag
  • Teater Kalejdoskop
  • Teater Sagohuset
  • Musik i Syd
  • Mix Musik
  • Musikaliska Stockholm
  • Stallet


  • Orquesta Filarmónica Regional de Atacama (Chile)
  • Budapest MAV Symphony Orchestra
  • Nordic Opera
  • Ciourlionis String Quartet//Vilnius Filharmonija/LTU
  • Danza Urbana Hamburg /GER


  • Duo Naranjo-Weurlander
  • Hilda Hellwig (Director)
  • Ingar Bergby (conductor)
  • Emil Eliasson (conductor)
  • Orange Tech & Latin Ensemble
  • Mats Hålling
  • Tobias Broström/Malleus Incus
  • Patricio Wang/Quilapayún-Ch
  • Marcelo Nisinman/Arg
  • Svante Henryson
  • Arja Saijonmaa
  • Jonas Dominique

Swedish National Radio SRP2, TV4, SVT,  YLE Radio Vega Finland, Polish National Radio , TV Skierniewice (Poland) ARTV Chile, TV SENADO, “La Vitrola” Canal 13, Radio U.de Chile, Radio Cámara has done documentaries about her music & projects

NEW ALBUM OUT NOW! Music by Tania Naranjo & Lyrics/Music by Reuben Sallmander

Album release 27 januari 2023

Tania Naranjo is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee,  the Swedish Performing Arts  Agency, Statens Musikverk, Crafoord Foundation & Sten K Johnsons Foundation. “STIM award”, “Malmö Culture award”, “Condor Prize”,“IRIS award” To progressive women who demonstrates an extraordinary ability and motivation”

Performances, international tours & festivals in Scandinavia, Balticum, France, Italy, Faroe Islands, Mexico, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Chile and more….